Our Story

Winter can be beautiful for so many reasons, but one thing is sure, none of us like to be cold.

When we tried to solve this issue- that's when Angel Hoodie™ was born.  

The ultimate hoodie blanket that will never leave you cold again!

We are often asked:

  • What is the Angel Hoodie™ Hoodie Blanket? 
  • Why is it so special?
  • Is it a hoodie or a blanket ?

The answer is short- it's a blanket that allows you to use your hands while you are wearing it! with a hoodie .... and you can cover your legs when sitting down... yeah it is all that and more :) 

You can wear it from the moment you wake up on those chilly mornings, have your coffee and walk around in the house while the heater is starting up. You can still wear it while walking your dog outside.  You would 100% wear it while camping on your summer/winter vacation. You definitely would wear it while watching tv or playing your video games on the couch. Finally, during the recent Covid climate, while working/studying from home, that's all you would be wearing all day long :) 

The Angel Hoodie™ Hoodie Blanket will feel like a massive colorful hug and who doesn't enjoy cuddling up all warm and cosy?  

Do yourself a big cosy favour and get one today! you will never feel better, we promise. 

Warm Cuddle

Angel Hoodie™ Team xxx